Teeth Alignment (Orthodontics)

When the teeth and the jaws are not in proper position it is called malocclusion. The mal-aligned teeth are corrected by placing braces. The mal-aligned jaws are treated with Orthopaedic Appliances in children or with Orthognathic Surgeries in adults. It is one of the referral centres for treatment of cleft lip & palate and various jaw deformities.

Why do we do Teeth Alignment ?

People always need confidence in their smile, to improve the confidence we need to do the teeth alignment. However, having orthodontic teeth alignment treatment can help you to achieve this.

What are the orthodontic Teeth Alignments techniques?

There are many teeth alignment techniques are being followed
Some of them are listed below

  • Regular Brackets
  • Clear Brackets
  • Lingual Orthodontics
  • Invisalign
  • Accele Dent